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Sina.com Launches New Social Media Domain For Microblog

Chinese Internet company Sina.com has officially launched a new domain name, weibo.com, for its microblog product, and the company has also adopted a new logo for the social media business.

To ensure the normal use of its microblog, Sina.com will run the old domain name and the new one concurrently for a certain period of time. For mobile Internet users, when entering the WAP domain t.sina.cn, it will automatically jump to the new domain weibo.com, but it will not affect the normal use of microblog. Uers can still use the current desktop client products to access Sina's microblog services, and no change will occur during the use.

Sina.com said that it has completed the seamless transfer of information of microblog users, including microblog contents, friends, and personalized domain names. In addition, the various applications of Sina microblog will be maintained.

For product functions, Sina microblog has launched a series of new functions and applications, covering the micro-group and micro-music sectors. Cao Guowei, chief executive officer of Sina.com, revealed that the company will launch a new edition for its microblog product in the second quarter of 2011, and the new edition will integrate an instant messaging function.

To date, Sina.com claims to have over 100 million registered microblog users.